Annual General Meeting

The Saskatoon Jazz Society (SJS) will hold its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 22 at 1:00pm.

The meeting will be held via Zoom.  In order to attend the meeting, persons with current SJS memberships are to email a request for a link to the meeting by 1:00 on Thursday, February 19 to  Links will be emailed out on Friday afternoon.

Saskatoon Jazz Society – 2019-20 Annual General Meeting Agenda 

DATE: Sunday, Nov 22nd, 2020 LOCATION: Zoom Meeting
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Dave Knight, Dean Jones, Robin Koutecky, Glenda Bell, Stephen Nicholson,

Jessica Robinson, Guy Edlund, Dianne Deminchuk, Randy Woods.

PRESENT: Executive Director Julie Dell, Artistic Director Don Griffith, and David Fisher as Zoom facilitator.

Members of the Saskatoon Jazz Society were also present.

  1. Call to order and welcome: Dave Knight
  2. Approval of agenda: As circulated to those members in attendance.

i. Motion to approve agenda: Dean Jones. Seconded Guy Edlund

3. Approval of AGM 2019 minutes: As circulated to those members in attendance.

i. Motion to approve Amended 2019 AGM Minutes: Stephen Nicholson. Seconded Jessica Robinson

  1. SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival: Shauna Nelson (Chair), Jill Johnson (Audit Chair) Kevin Tobin (Artistic Director)
  2. Artistic Director’s Report: Don Griffith As distributed
  3. Executive Director’s Report: Julie Dell As distributed
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Robin Koutecky As distributed.
    1. Motion to adopt the Auditor’s Report: Dianne Deminchuk. Seconded, Glenda Bell
    2. Motion to appoint HVB as the Auditor: Robin Koutecky. Seconded, Dean Jones
  5. President’s Report: Dave Knight As distributed.
  6. Election of Directors: Dean Jones
    The following members have been nominated to serve as Directors:

Incumbent Nominee – Glenda Bell

Member Nominee – Don Cook

Incumbent Nominee – Dianne Deminchuk

Member Nominee – Roger Jolly

Incumbent Nominee – David Knight

Incumbent Nominee – Jessica Robinson

Member Nominee – Marie-Helene Sakowski

Member Nominee – Dennis Thiessen

10. Motion to Adjourn

Meeting of the Board | Tuesday, November 24 | 5:30 pm at The Bassment

SJS Director Nomination Form PDF

Click the button above to download the SJS Director Nomination Form PDF.

Nominees must be members of the Saskatoon Jazz Society. Unless otherwise decided by the members, directors serve for two years.

This nomination must be received by the Society at least five business days before the annual general meeting.