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Tim Williams

Having won a legion of fans who appreciate his superb singing, playing, and story-telling, blues man Tim Williams has become a Bassment favourite. With a 40-year career playing everything from blues to rock to Hawaiian and Mexican music, Tim recently won 1st place in the Solo/Duet category of the International Blues Challenge ... Read More

Heidi Munro

An award-winning Saskatchewan artist, Heidi Munro has sung country, gospel, rock, jazz, and blues over her 30-year career. She is one of our province’s hardest-working entertainers and is blessed with a gutsy signature voice and style. Heidi will have her all-star band backing her up as she performs her hits and several ... Read More

Jack Semple & Dave Chobot

Saskatchewan’s Dynamic Duo of funk, jazz, soul, blues, pop, rock, and every other modern genre you could mention, Jack Semple and Dave Chobot return to our stage to play a night of their favourite tunes. Jack and Dave have played so many gigs together that they could probably play a gig while taking a nap. But don’t worry, ... Read More

Sonia Reid Noble

A pastor's daughter with a story to tell, Sonia Reid Noble started singing and playing piano at the age of eight. Her talent and dedication led her to earn a Bachelor of Arts in music at Redeemer University College and to work professionally across Canada, the United States, and the West Indies. Sonia’s first show at the ... Read More

Wilma Groenen

Wilma Groenen sings and heads turn. A whisper invites you in; a howl crushes your heart; a fine, clear note sends shivers up your spine. Backed by Brett Balon (keyboards), Scott Triffo (guitar), Dave Anderson (bass), and Arlan Kopp on drums, Wilma will premiere several songs written by her and Brett. Cidne Treen and Harmonica ... Read More

Wes Froese

Piano Fridays is the perfect way to start your weekend – live piano with great food and drink. Performer, composer, and music educator Wes Froese has a wealth of experience playing classical, blues, and jazz. Wes sits down at the Yamaha S6 grand piano at 4:30 to play three 45 minute sets. No Cover! Read More

Randy McAllister

Roustabout, maverick, spiritual, gritty, amazing, genius, wild, bad-ass, and soulful. These are just some of the words that have been used to describe Texas blues and roots musician Randy McAllister. A much-revered, singer, songwriter, harmonica player, and drummer, Randy makes his Bassment debut playing his unique brand of ... Read More

Suzie Vinnick

When Saskatoon native Suzie Vinnick takes the stage, she takes it from footlights to rafters and owns it. She can belt out a blues or croon a ballad with equal deftness. Her guitar work is effortlessly commanding and supremely tasteful. This lady is a force of nature with a six-string guitar. NO FREE PASSES Presented by ... Read More

Paul Reddick

For over 25 years, Paul Reddick has been writing and performing an eclectic brand of blues, bringing the art form to new frontiers with his raw, deep vocals, masterful harmonica playing and song writing. Saskatoon’s Ross Neilsen has released nine recordings, performed over 1,500 concerts, driven nearly a million kilometres, ... Read More

Way North

Way North is Petr Cancura (sax), Rebecca Hennessy (trumpet), Michael Herring (bass), and Richie Barshay (drums). Born out of the joy of playing together, Way North employs the shared love of jazz and improvisation as a means of exploring folk and world music. Expect to hear everything from the blues, old-time, Balkan and ... Read More