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Flamenco Borealis: Cinco Candelas

Flamenco Borealis celebrates its fifth appearance at the Bassment with Cinco Candelas (Five Candles). The award-winning company launches its 2024 Borealis Flamenco Festival Series with a riveting performance of flamenco music and dance. Hear thunderous footwork commanding soaring melodies. Feel the resonance of the Andalusian ... Read More

Alma Flamenca, Kari Alba, & Duencdecillo Present Devoción

Kari Alba and her dance company Alma Flamenca are celebrating 25 of flamenco art in Saskatoon. Duendecillo, a performance ensemble made up of performers from Cadiz, Spain and Saskatoon, has prepared a program of flamenco art entitled Devoción. The evening will feature El Bancalero (vocals), José Vega (guitar), Kari Alba ... Read More

Flamenco Borealis: Primavera (Spring)

The season of buds and blossoms bursts forth in the intense rhythms, graceful lines, and bright colours of the Borealis Flamenco Festival. In Primavera (Spring) Flamenco Borealis with guest artists, including Spanish cantaor Celedonio Garrido, presents a bouquet of flamenco music and dance. Feel the May winds of Cadiz blowing ... Read More

Flamenco Borealis: Volver – ‘To Return’

Volver - 'To Return’ is a live show of Flamenco and Arabic music and song. After a long absence Flamenco Borealis is pleased to return to The Bassment stage with an evening of colourful melodies and enchanting rhythms. The program features Celedonio Garrido (flamenco vocals), Lina Kazan (Arabic Vocals), Daniel Regnier (piano, ... Read More

Kari Alba Presents: Duendecillo

The bodily reaction that invokes chills or crying when experiencing flamenco music and dance of the most expressive nature is known as duende. Flamenco dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Kari Alba, returns with a group of international and Spanish artists to perform an evening devoted to capturing the essence of duende. The ... Read More

Flamenco Borealis

Back from a year in Spain, Flamenco Borealis returns to the Bassment with ‘Dos Voces’ (Two Voices), a show in which flamenco and Arabic music and dance meet. This meeting of two worlds, so close, yet very different, opens a space where different lyricisms mingle, where nostalgia is expressed in various tones, and where ... Read More

Black Umfolosi

Formed by school friends in 1982, Black Umfolosi has been thrilling audiences for 35 years with its exciting blend of African dance and beautifully-crafted acapella singing. The group has toured most parts of the world establishing itself as a true African musical ambassador. Black Umfolosi’s trademark harmonies mixed with ... Read More

¡Arte! Flamenco: Elementos

Flamenco bailaor (dancer) Carlos Menchaca has performed with an array of influential dancers and flamenco artists, including Antonio Canales, Alejandro Granados and Concha Jareño. Menchaca will be accompanied by international music and dance group ¡ARTE! Flamenco. ¡ARTE! is led by bailaora dancer, passionate teacher, ... Read More

Flamenco Borealis: Corazón Loco

Upon meeting in Spain, Lina Kazan (dance), Celedonio Garrido (voice), and Daniel Regnier (piano/guitar) discovered that they shared a deep commitment to the intense expressivity of flamenco and a common approach to artistic work. Flamenco Borealis strives to build upon and go beyond traditional flamenco through innovation and ... Read More


Saskatoon singer-songwriter guitarist Randy Woods fronts his disco party band Absofunkinlutely in a performance of the band's signature stubble funk and northern soul. The night will feature wah-wah guitar, spinning Leslies, thumpin’ pumpin’ bass lines, and songs for people with dancing feet. Sponsored by CFCR Read More