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Back of the Bus

Specializing in classic and contemporary Celtic music with Scottish, Irish, and East Coast roots, Back of the Bus plays at ceilidhs, festivals and pubs, and is a favourite at Robbie Burns nights and FolkFest. The band showcases the talents of Jim Walls (guitar/vocals), Sheila Vaadeland (guitar/vocals), Anna Bekolay (fiddle/vo... Read More

Ellen Froese

With performances at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City and Merlefest in North Carolina, singer-songwriter Ellen Froese has recently been making quite a name for herself. Back to perform some new songs as well as and some of her tried-and-true favourites, Ellen is backed up by the very talented Hot Toddies - Ashley ... Read More

Big Dave McLean

Much revered and loved by blues fans across Canada, JUNO Award winner Big Dave McLean has been hooting, hollering, and testifying through every juke joint and dance hall across the country more times than he can remember. The undisputed heavyweight of Canadian Prairie blues, he took his first guitar lesson from John Hammond and ... Read More

West of Mabou

Named after a small town in Nova Scotia that is the hub of Celtic culture in Canada, West of Mabou returns to perform lively dance music steeped in the rich traditions of Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle and pipe tunes. The band combines the talents of Scott Benson (fiddle), Roberta Wallace (fiddle), Alex Rasmussen (pipes/whis... Read More

Ken Stead

Possessing a generous demeanour, a delicate wit, and an empathetic understanding of audiences of all shapes, singer-songwriter Ken Stead has a firm foothold in the Canadian roots music scene, with performances at the Edmonton Folk Fest, Canmore Folk Fest, North Country Fair, and Big Valley Jamboree. Ken returns for his third ... Read More

Claude Bourbon

Finger-picking guitarist Claude Bourbon returns for his fifth Bassment visit. Having performed and studied all over the world, Claude’s music is a fusion of classical, jazz, and blues with elements of Eastern, Spanish, Latin, and Americana. Perhaps it can best be described as “medieval Spanish blues.” SPONSORED BY ... Read More

Flamenco Borealis

Back from a year in Spain, Flamenco Borealis returns to the Bassment with ‘Dos Voces’ (Two Voices), a show in which flamenco and Arabic music and dance meet. This meeting of two worlds, so close, yet very different, opens a space where different lyricisms mingle, where nostalgia is expressed in various tones, and where ... Read More

Dylan Menzie

With his sprawling vocal range, compelling approach to songwriting, and adept guitar and piano skills, Dylan Menzie is quickly becoming one of Atlantic Canada’s prime musical exports. He has been compared to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen and was highly praised by Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexmith. Dylan’s latest EP, ... Read More

Madeleine Roger & Logan McKillop

Former thespian, life-long traveller, and singer-songwriter Madeleine Rogers has performed on CBC Radio and at the Winnipeg and Calgary folk festivals. Combining her Mitchell-esque voice with a vivid lyricism and maturity, Madeleine creates songs that reveals truths about being alive. Equally skilled as a wordsmith and as a ... Read More

Erin Costelo & Don Brownrigg

Striking, powerful, and full of depth and range, Erin Costelo is an artist able to mine the truth through writing, arranging, producing, and masterful live performances. Gifted with a voice unlike any other in Canada, she has the ability to float between genres with ease. Erin’s songs are heavily influenced by gospel and ... Read More