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Ryan McNally Trio

Raised in rural Quebec, south of Montreal along the U.S. border, Ryan McNally began pursuing music at the age of 10 when he first picked up the guitar. Fast forward to the present and Ryan can't be kept off Canadian stages as he continues to pursue his passion for studying acoustic traditional blues, jazz, and old-time music. ... Read More

Martin Janovsky

Piano Fridays is the perfect way to start your weekend - live piano with great food and drink. Famous for his vast repertoire of jazz and classical standards and his entertaining banter, Martin Janovsky sits down at the Yamaha S6 at 4:30 to play three 45 minute sets. Read More

Two Piano Tornado

Two Piano Tornado is an unpredictable vortex that picks listeners up and deposits them in another realm, surrounding them with swirling riffs improvised from what is heard in each other's playing. Annie and Grant are a true force of nature, forever changing direction and spinning through standard and original tunes. Sponsored ... Read More