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Big Dave McLean

Much revered and loved by blues fans across Canada, JUNO Award winner Big Dave McLean has been hooting, hollering, and testifying through every juke joint and dance hall across the country more times than he can remember. The undisputed heavyweight of Canadian Prairie blues, he took his first guitar lesson from John Hammond and ... Read More

The Georgia Fats

The Georgia Fats transform the vintage sounds of blues, rock, old country, and gospel into a hard-driving sound that is designed to get people moving. Barry Taylor is best-known as the beat-keeper for one of Canada’s best party bands, Roots Round Up. Boyd Norman has held down the bottomline for Ron Hynes, Barkin' Kettle and ... Read More

Tim Williams

Having won a legion of fans who appreciate his superb singing, playing, and story-telling, blues man Tim Williams has become a Bassment favourite. With a 50-year career playing everything from blues to rock to Hawaiian and Mexican music, he is in constant demand to perform at festivals, concert halls, and clubs from Halifax to ... Read More

Kat Danser & the Tall Tales

Kat Danser doesn’t just play the blues - she studies it, lives it, breathes it, and elevates it from sweaty, smoky beer joints to centre stage of the finest concert halls. True to her Polish-Gypsy heritage, Kat is in perpetual motion and her swampy roots and blues style are a fine-tuned reflection of life lessons from the ... Read More

Doc MacLean & Albert Frost

Ride shotgun on an epic, blues road tour as Doc MacLean and Albert Frost unite in a four wheel, continental drift. Mixing Delta with west Africa, Son House with Ali Farka Toura, electric with acoustic, and new stories with old, this Canadian-African collaboration will surprise and delight as it rolls out across ten Canadian ... Read More

Browne & Fafard

Known for their exceptional musicianship and unique interpretations of American roots and blues, Michael Jerome Brown and Joël Fafard are two award-winning and JUNO-nominated artists. Michael is known as one of the great archivists of southern music and can define the lines of tradition with ease, while Joël seeks to blur ... Read More