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Jay & Jo

Hailing from the Saskatchewan prairies, sisters Janaya and Jolissa Trudel pair up to form a vibrant folk-roots duo, embodying both joy and depth in one double-batted swing. With soul-stretching lyrics and a homespun sound, their airtight harmonies take advantage of the amazing blend found only in the vocal timbre of sisters. ... Read More

The Garrys

A trio of sisters from Saskatoon, the Garrys play garage surf-pop doom-wop. The influence of early Beatles and Dick Dale creates a heavy and hypnotic blend of blood harmonies and classic garage surf on morphine. If Ed Sullivan went on a date with the Shangri-Las, they would eat ice cream sandwiches and dance to the Garrys. The ... Read More

Jay & Jo

Hailing from the sweet Saskatchewan Prairies, Janaya and Jolissa Trudel have paired up to form a vibrant sister-duo featuring soul-stretching lyrics, an organic sound, and airtight harmonies. Unafraid to touch on the subjects of sorrow and ecstasy and everything in-between, the sisters’ music is anchored in authenticity and ... Read More

Madison Violet

Winners of the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award for Vocal Group of the Year, Madison Violet have been writing and creating beautiful music together since 1999. Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac are singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and harmonizers blessed with a precious vocal blend. Over the past 18 years, Madison ... Read More

Big Little Lions

The pairing of two individually successful songwriters, Big Little Lions have continuously been recognized for their writing prowess. Helen Austin and Paul Otten placed first in the International Songwriting Competition, won for Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and were chosen as Ensemble of the Year ... Read More

Twin Bandit with Oliver Swain

Signed to Netwerk Records, singer songwriter duo Twin Bandit - Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot - have been getting some serious attention recently with appearances at the Winnipeg, Vancouver, Dawson City, and Squamish Folk Festivals. The duo is touring in support of their second release Full Circle. Singer songwriter and ... Read More