COVID-19 Update


Dear Bassment patron and/or member,

All Bassment events are suspended until Sask Health Covid 19 restrictions are eased.

We are saddened that our members and musicians will miss the joy of live music performance. We are also aware of the financial impact this shut down will have on our musicians and employees. Although this is a disappointment, we know that our members and employees will continue to support the Saskatoon Jazz Society and one another.

We also know that we have the ability to reopen when the circumstances permit. When we opened the club this fall, the commitment demonstrated by our staff, performers, and patrons to be respectful, flexible, and resilient was inspiring. The protocols we implemented during our reopening were more rigorous than were required, but were welcomed and accepted by everyone. We owe a special thank you to our Executive Director, Julie Dell, our Artistic Director, Don Griffith, and all other staff and volunteers who were at the door and on the floor. Their work in ensuring a safe and comfortable environment was exemplary.  We also need to acknowledge the efforts of the musicians who agreed to perform for us and for their cooperation in ensuring protocols were followed. The experience of the last 7 weeks gives us confidence that we can successfully reopen when the time is right.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Dave Knight
President, Saskatoon Jazz Society


Dear Bassment patron and/or member,

While it is unfortunate that all Bassment shows are postponed, we are confident that closing the club will help in our fight against Covid-19.  And while our artists are understandably disappointed at not being able to perform, they are all eager to return to our stage as soon as we are able to reopen.

We are offering ticket holders two options:

  1. Postponement – as mentioned above, all the artists have indicated they will perform at the club as soon as we are able to present them. Your ticket will be valid at the rescheduled performance. Should you be unable to attend the rescheduled performance, we can issue a refund at that time.
  2. Refund – should you require an immediate refund please contact us at

I would like to personally thank our members, staff members, board members, volunteers, and musicians for the 15 shows that we have presented since October 2. It would have been much easier for all of us to just stay home and keep the club closed. However, I am sure most of you would agree that the efforts we made to present live music while keeping everyone as safe as possible were worth it.

Thanks for reading.

Don Griffith
Artistic Director, Saskatoon Jazz Society