Things to know before you go!

  1. STAFF EXPECTATIONS – Our dedicated staff will be working hard to keep our patrons safe. The Bassment will adhere to provincial reopening guidelines for restaurants and licensed establishments with respect to general operations, employees, cleaning and sanitation, and food and beverage service. We will also require all staff members to wear a mask while on duty.
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING – In order to ensure observance of the 2-meter social distancing rule, the club will be operating at half capacity (90 tickets).
  3. MASK REQUIREMENTS – You will be required to wear a mask to enter the club. Masks be must worn until you arrive at your table. Please try to wear a mask at all times, except while at your table. Masks will not be provided. Please bring your own mask. No patron will be permitted to enter without a mask.
  4. SANITIZING STATIONS – All patrons will be required to use the hand sanitizing station outside the club doors before entry.
  5. TEMPERATURE SCANNING – All patrons will be required to be scanned for temperature before entry.
  6. COVID 19 HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE – All patrons will be required to answer and pass a Covid 19 Health Questionnaire before entry.
  7. TICKET PURCHASE – Tickets can be purchased online or at the door the evening of the show (providing the show is not sold out). We strongly encourage patrons to purchase advance tickets online to ensure the show is not sold-out prior to your arrival. When purchasing online tickets, you will be required to include the name and email address of each attendee for which you are purchasing a ticket.
  8. CONTACT TRACING – In order to enable contact tracing should one of our patrons become ill, we will be asking for the phone number of each attendee with an advance online ticket. Patrons purchasing tickets at the door will be required to provide their name and their phone number.
  9. ENTRY PROCEDURE – No printed ticket is needed for the show for those who purchase advance online tickets. Please show your ID to our ticketing staff upon entry.
  10. MEMBER TICKETS – As per usual, every member ticket will require a membership card to be shown to door staff upon entry.
  11. MEMBERSHIP PURCHASE – In order to minimize contact in the club, we encourage patrons to renew their memberships online before the show.
  12. MEMBERSHIP CARD PICK-UP – If you recently purchased a membership online, your new membership card will be available for pick up at the door whenever the club is open for a show. Please use the membership card pick up area inside the club.
  13. GROUP RESERVATIONS – If you have purchased tickets online and if you intend to sit at a table of 3, 4, 5, or 6, you are required to make an advance reservation in order to ensure that we have a table ready for your group. Please make your group reservation by texting your name, group size, and the date of the show you will be attending to 306-715-1131 (text only). For groups larger than 6, you will need to make two separate reservations as we are required to keep tables social distanced.

**Please note reservations must be made by 5pm the day of the show. Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee a specific table location, only party size. There will be a 6 person maximum per table.

Things to know during the show!

  1. SANITIZING STATIONS – There will be two sanitizing stations inside the club. Patrons are encouraged to use them during the evening.
  2. PROOF OF ENTRY STICKER – We will no longer be stamping patrons upon entry. Instead, we will provide you with a colored sticker to indicate that you have completed the entry process. Please keep this sticker on for re-entry purposes.
  3. COAT CHECK – Coat check will not be available at this time. Patrons will be required to keep coats and all personal possessions at their table. We will reassess this policy as time progresses.
  4. FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE – Food and drink will be available for purchase at each show. There will be no service at the bar. Instead, each table will be assigned a server. *Please refrain from ordering at the bar.
  5. TABLES – Please do not move tables as they have been placed to comply with social distancing rules.
  6. SERVICE DURING THE PERFORMANCE – Servers will be taking orders EXCEPT during the times when the artists are performing. If you wish to place a food or beverage order during a performance, simply text your name, order, and table number to 306-715-1131. This number will also be available at your table.
    *Please note this will be a text only number, you must be present to place your order. No pre orders prior to arrival
  7. BEVERAGE RESTRICTIONS – Beer, coolers, and pop will be served in the bottle or can where possible. No pop refills are available at this time. Patrons will have the option of ordering a cup of coffee or a small pot which will have a larger individual size.
  8. WINE PURCHASE – We encourage patrons to order half carafes, full carafes, and bottles when possible.
    *Please note patrons will be able to cork the bottled wine and take home what is not finished.
  9. TAKE HOME FOOD – Food cartons will be available for patrons to take home unused portions of food.
  10. PAYMENT – In order to help minimize contact, we strongly encourage patrons to pay with debit or credit cards. Debit terminals will be sanitized after each use.
  11. MOVEMENT IN THE CLUB – In order to maintain proper flow and social distancing rules, we kindly ask that at all times patrons follow signage and arrows in the club and on the stairs. Patrons are asked to enter the club via the main door and to exit via the stage door. Please use the stage door to access the washroom and the main door to return from the washroom.
  12. WASHROOMS – To maintain social distancing, we will be allowing 1 person in a washroom at a time. We ask other patrons to line up outside the washroom and to adhere to the 2 meter distancing rule.
  13. INTERACTION WITH ARTISTS – Artist CD signing is suspended until further notice. Artists may be available for meet and greet. Please follow appropriate safety rules and signage.
    *Please note that no pictures with artists will be possible until further notice.
  14. PATRONS BECOMING ILL – Should you become ill after attending a Bassment performance, we ask that you contact our Executive Director, Julie Dell, immediately at