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Heidi Munro & Soul Sensation

In firm possession of an energetic stage presence and a set of legendary pipes, Heidi Munro fronts this one-of-a kind Vegas-style show band. With a song list featuring Motown, soul, R&B, and disco hits of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, Heidi and her crew promise an evening of great, non-stop vibes and fantastic music. Soul ... Read More

Kenny Marco

Formerly of ’70s supergroups Motherlode, Dr. Music, and Blood Sweat & Tears, Kenny Marco brings his many years of experience to the Bassment stage to play an eclectic mix of American funk/jazz and Brazilian cha cha. In addition to performing Motherlode hits, Kenny plans to sing his favourite Ray Charles tunes. Special ... Read More

Erin Costelo & Don Brownrigg

Striking, powerful, and full of depth and range, Erin Costelo is an artist able to mine the truth through writing, arranging, producing, and masterful live performances. Gifted with a voice unlike any other in Canada, she has the ability to float between genres with ease. Erin’s songs are heavily influenced by gospel and ... Read More

Roman Clarke

Roman Clarke takes gospel harmony, modern R&B, and the charm of the 1970s, then rolls it all into a flavour that is well-suited to his inherently nostalgic generation. His particular shade of keyboard-heavy, groove-based pop tends to elicit comparisons to a similarly talented multi-instrumentalist artist from the Prairies, Remy ... Read More

Martin Janovsky Orchestra

With a first rate set list, an orchestra made up of the finest players in the province, and a bag full of priceless jokes, Martin Janovsky and his Orchestra are a Bassment favourite. Featuring vocalists Jana Janovsky and Kathryn Schulz and instrumentalists Sheldon Corbett (sax) and Ken Marco (guitar), the orchestra plays pop, ... Read More

Vesti & the Vexations

For more than a quarter of a century, Vesti Hanson and Cam McConnell have been the local champions of classic soul and R&B. With a set list that includes the hits of Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, Chicago, and Marvin Gaye, Vesti and Cam surround themselves with some of the best players in town. Sponsored by the Village ... Read More

Freddy & Francine

The story of Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso (aka Freddy and Francine) sounds like a script for a movie. They met on the set of the musical Hair, formed a band, fell in love, recorded several albums, broke-up, and got back together after a three-year separation. Raised on everything from Bob Dylan’s folk storytelling to En ... Read More

Kat Danser & the Tall Tales

Kat Danser doesn’t just play the blues - she studies it, lives it, breathes it, and elevates it from sweaty, smoky beer joints to centre stage of the finest concert halls. True to her Polish-Gypsy heritage, Kat is in perpetual motion and her swampy roots and blues style are a fine-tuned reflection of life lessons from the ... Read More

Coco Love Alcorn

Blessed with a voice hailed by the press as extraordinary, beautiful, and haunting, Coco Love Alcorn is known for her witty and playful character, love of improvising, and her willingness to engage fearlessly with any audience. Always immersed deep in each moment of every performance, Coco’s music can be described as joyful ... Read More

Zaki Ibrahim

This show has been cancelled. Full refunds will be processed asap. South African-Canadian Zaki Ibrahim is a globally distinguished singer, songwriter, and producer known for making music that cannot be defined by any one genre. The two-time Polaris Music Prize nominee and JUNO Award nominated artist is developing into one of ... Read More