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Queen Kong

Led by drummer, vocalist, and composer Lorie Wolf, Queen Kong is an exploration of sounds inspired by the Radical Jewish Culture movement in New York founded by John Zorn. Queen Kong seamlessly blends Ashkenazi Jewish idiom with jazz, free improv, rock, and punk to  new sounds and ideas. Lorie is joined by some of Toronto's ... Read More

Gillian & the Whiskey Jerks

Feeling it was time to expand her one-woman accordiana show, vocalist Gillian Snider recruited Anna Bekolay (violin), Sarah Scharf (clarinet), Nevin Buehler (bass), Peter Abonyi (guitar), and Aidan Weiman (drums) to join in on her musical misadventures. The Whiskey Jerks have created their own niche, combining klezmer, countr... Read More

Avi Granite 6 – Cancelled!

New York guitarist and composer Avi Granite is best known for his Toronto-based neo-jazz sextet Avi Granite 6. Drawing inspiration from jazz, funk, punk, and avant garde, the group's sound is a cultural tapestry that explores original compositions through fierce improvisations which combine film music and the modern jazz ... Read More